An unconscious confession made guiltfree!

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The confession of evil works is the first beginning of good works - Saint Augustine

A guilty conscience needs to confess, but How? Sometimes, the fear of being disowned by our dear ones & sometimes our own cowardice to admit things in public, keeps us from letting out our secrets. And, gradually that one secret stays with us for lifetime as the dirty dark secret! which keeps haunting & suffocating our thoughts & mind every now & then.

But, you don't have to eat your words now, just speak it out aloud! Announce it to the whole world without revealing your identity!!! We understand that a confession made in public is a display of bravery, but we believe to Confess "anonymously" in public, is a smart work of art!

So, get ready to take that burden off your heart. Register with 'Confess' & let people suggest & solve your concealed mystery without judging you!